Our Mission

Horses and humans working together to foster healthier communities.

At Medicine Horse it’s all about horses helping people and people helping horses. It’s about developing relationships with some amazing animals and discovering your best self.

In our work, we constantly witness how horses nurture, inspire and heal a person’s spirit, mind and body. Whether you want to become more assertive, see your child gain confidence and increase their pro social skills, or you would like to increase your mobility and balance, our family of equine assisted therapy and growth and learning programs has a place for you.

Did you know…?

We have been around since 1999

Medicine Horse Center, headquartered in the Mancos Valley, has been providing equine assisted therapies and experiential education services to the Four Corners community since 1999.

We are not-for-profit

We are a Colorado not-for-profit charitable 501(c)(3) corporation and a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International Member Center (PATH Intl).

We are professionals

Our mental health staff are licensed therapists in the state of Colorado and our equine staff are credentialed through PATH Intl.