Lesya Krasnikova, Operations Manager

An opportunity to serve an AmeriCorps term at Medicine Horse Center (completed in October 2019) is what brought Lesya and her family to the Mancos Valley. She has been tasked with the establishment of a therapy garden at the Center and integration of nutritional and horticultural learning into our programming. You will frequently find her outside working on the garden space. After completing her term, Lesya had transitioned to a staff position sharing facility management, capacity building, grant writing, social media and volunteer management responsibilities with the Executive Director, Lynne Howarth.
She is thrilled to be part of this organization and the garden project. When not at the Center, you will find Lesya crafting leather goods.

What inspires you about MHC? – “Medicine Horse Center introduced me to an alternative and much deeper view of connection and what it means being aware. Observing the moments of transformation with our clients, our mission comes to life. It is also the philosophy and vision behind the type of relationship we nurture between a human and a horse – it inspires me daily. There has also been a professional goal to work for a non-profit organization in a small rural community, Medicine Horse Center and its team have become more than I could have asked for.

Fun fact: Lesya loves dancing, swimming in the Black Sea, and smelling soup as it is being cooked.