Lesya Krasnikova, Development Director

An opportunity to serve an AmeriCorps term at Medicine Horse Center is what brought Lesya and her family to the Mancos Valley in 2019. During her service term Lesya helped establish a therapy garden at the Center. The garden space is frequently used during sessions for processing and guided outdoor activities. Lesya stayed full-time with the Center and now assists Lynne with grant writing, fundraising, planning, budgeting, volunteer management, and general administration. When not at the Center, you will find Lesya crafting leather goods.

What inspires you about MHC? – “Medicine Horse Center introduced me to an alternative view and utilization of horses to help humans. It is the transformation of a client with the horse, witnessing the bonding process, is what inspires me about the work we do. I also had a professional goal to work for a non-profit organization, and Medicine Horse team has become more than I could have asked for.”

Fun fact: Lesya used to play an accordion and do ballroom dancing.