Zoe Coleman, Caretaker of the herd/facilitator

Whether hiking in the mountains, exploring the red canyons, or riding through the grassy meadows of Montezuma County, Zoe Coleman loves the endless adventure opportunities of Southwest Colorado. Zoe moved to Mancos as an AmeriCorps with the Montezuma School to Farm Project, and quickly fell in love with the diverse landscape and close community. After teaching elementary school in 2018, Zoe was deeply inspired by the holistic work of Medicine Horse that helps individuals find deeper awareness, practice responsibility, and learn to respect and trust themselves in life. Zoe eagerly joined the Medicine Horse team this winter as a facilitator and horse exercise, combining her love of education, nature, and horses. She is thrilled to spend most of her days in the saddle or covered in horse hair as she works with the six therapy horses, and looks forward to helping Medicine Horse increase its impact on the local community.

Fun fact: Zoe has been a competitive ultimate frisbee player for the past 10 years and would be happy to throw one anytime.  She also loves wearing her bright blue Crocs.