Shay is gentle and quick on her feet. She is attentive with clients but it takes really being in the moment to get her to relax and connect.


Quinn is a spirited mare who draws clients in with her friendly, open demeanor. She has been with Medicine Horse since she was three months old, and has become a talented therapy horse. She does not like to be alone, and will stand patiently with clients who need company. Her playfulness shines through at meal times as she nickers and prances impatiently for hay.


Indi is our 20 year old Bashkir curly mare. Although she is the oldest horse in the herd, she is spirited,  curious, and honest in her connections with horses and people alike. She gently teaches healthy boundaries and her calm caring personality helps ground everyone she meets.


Goldie is a shy but powerful Haflinger mare who pulled carts before coming to Medicine Horse. Although she can be nervous at first, her keen awareness of emotions makes her a talented therapy horse. She helps clients become aware of their energy, in order to create deep trusting bonds. Her beautiful eyes and big heart are a hidden treasure in our herd.


Disco is a social Bashkir Curly Warmblood who knows how to melt hearts with his loving personality. At 16.1 hands high, he is a natural healer who brings a range of emotions to every relationship. Disco loves being the center of attention and often bites cones, makes faces, or looks for pats. Nevertheless, he is highly aware of people’s emotions and quickly softens to reassure clients who are feeling upset. Disco loves his work, but also enjoys his daily naps in the sun.


Chitsa is a quiet Haflinger mare who spent her younger life as a work horse packing in the mountains and plowing fields. Observant and wise, Chitsa helps our clients slow down and ground themselves. She is a loyal companion to both humans and horses, and loves when people groom her thick blonde mane.


Bronco is our miniature Shetland pony who is full of playful energy and love. As a small pony, Bronco helps people gain confidence around horses and eagerly seeks out scratches and tummy rubs. He loves to trot along the fence and say hello to people with a friendly whinny, and brings a smile to clients faces with his silly antics. Despite his mischievous love of sneaking under fences and chewing on shoes, Bronco has an enormous heart that he willingly opens to those he meets.