Equine-Assisted Coaching

What is Equine-Assisted Coaching?

Equine-Assisted Coaching utilizes the non-judgmental feedback from horses to move you towards your goals. Horses are very present beings, meaning they do not focus much on the past or the future, on what we wear or the job we have. They live in the moment. As a prey animal, horses are continually responding to their environment, seeking safety and connection. Highly sensitive to our emotions and energy, the horse cannot help but encourage us to become more self-aware, a requirement for making positive changes in our lives.

What does Equine-Assisted Coaching help with?

Feeling stuck? Big decision weighing on you? Working through a transition? Lacking direction? Lost sight of your intuition or your ability to set boundaries? Equine-Assisted Coaching is a way to help identify what’s holding you back and create goals for moving forward. It’s about you becoming who you want to be. It’s breaking up the big picture into puzzle pieces and finding your True Grit in the process. In this journey, the horse and I will be a sounding board, a reality check, a support in achieving your goals, and a motivator towards growth.

What Equine-Assisted Coaching is NOT

• It is not therapy. We stay in the here-and-now and are goal-oriented.
• It is not about giving advice. The advice I have is from the path I’m on, it’s not always relevant to your path. I will simply ask the right questions until you discover the answer.
• It is not horseback riding. It’s about developing a healthy relationship with the horse and participating in equine experiential activities to help move you towards your goal.

What to Expect

• Increased self-awareness leading to more authentic actions
• Stronger self-confidence impacting boundary setting and your ability to make tough choices
• A larger toolbox of skills helping you stay calm when challenged
• A heightened sense of trust in yourself, your intuition, and your decisions
• Feeling more peace, a stepping stone to joy

Karen’s Certifications include

• Professional Life Coach
• Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator
• Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning
• Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Practitioner
• Equine-Assisted Therapist


• Individual Sessions: $100 for one hour session
• Group Sessions: Please call for pricing, 970-533-7403. We will customize an experiential coaching session based on your group’s goals and needs.