Our half-day Transitions Program is designed for groups of up to 24 students (a classroom) to acquire coping skills to manage the stressors of changing schools (elementary to middle and middle to high school). While building stronger peer connections and improving communication skills, activities consist of unmounted work with horses and creative problem-solving tailored to meet the teacher and students’ goals. 

Why Medicine Horse?

Traveling to a new place, meeting new adults, and participating in the unfamiliar and unexpected challenges at Medicine Horse Center establishes a wonderful metaphor to help students process and plan for their new school. 

Experiential learning activities can help students: 

  • Verbalize concerns, see they are not alone, and develop a plan
  • Step outside their comfort zone, develop confidence, recognize and build on their strengths
  • Learn skills for making new friends and resisting peer pressure
  • Learn and practice self-regulation skills that decrease anxiety and increase self-control

Why horses?

What a horse needs:

Calm energy




Clear communication


How students benefit: 

Learn and practice self-regulation skills

Find their voice and build confidence

Live in the moment with kindness and empathy

Awareness of actions and consequences

Awareness of body language, messages and intent 

Feel a part of something healthy